• Parent Portal
    Tidehaven ISD is pleased to make available the Ascender Parent Portal from Region 3. Parent Portal is available in English and Spanish and gives parents "read-only" web access to their child's grades and attendance directly from the teacher's gradebook. Parents can also subscribe to email alerts that can be sent directly to an email address each time one of your children receives a low grade on an assignment or their average falls below a level you have set. Notification alerts can also be sent to you for unexcused absences or tardies. 

    Click Here To Access Parent Portal


    Parent Portal has a registration process that is self-administered, which means the parent chooses their username and password. If a parent forgets or wishes to change their password, they will go through an automated process to reset their password. 
    To create an account in parent portal a parent must register through the Parent Portal website as a New User. During the registration process you will be asked for your children's portal ID. You must have your child's portal ID to set up your parent account. Call or come by the campus office to pick these up. Multiple students can be added to your account; therefore, only one account needs to be set up for your entire family. However, only one email address per account can be sent email alerts. If both parents would like alerts, another parent account would need to be set up.  
    Need more help? The Parent Training Guide is available.