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    Important Times:
    Doors Open 7:30am   
    Breakfast begins 7:30am
    Tiger Roars 7:50am
    Dismissal 3:30pm 

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    Virtual Summer Camp Adventure

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  • Summer Feeding Program:
    Markham Elementary will be doing summer feeding for the month of June starting June 1, 2021 on Mondays through Thursdays for the whole month. It will consist of a Grab & Go breakfast, which will include a choice of milk and juice and a breakfast item, and also a To-Go lunch, which will include an entree item with 2 sides and choice of chocolate or white milk.

    No lunch count is necessary and this is available for everyone, siblings included, along with anyone else who needs food to eat.

    When we get the finalized menu and any other details we will share that as well.

    Thank You,
    Iona Wilder
    Markham Cafeteria Manager

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  • Welcome to Markham Elementary! 

    We are so excited to begin a new school year, especially after missing out on truly finishing this past school year with our students due to COVID-19 school closures.  Although this year may bring changes to some of our routines and procedures, we want our families to know how much thought and care has been put into each and every change-with YOUR children's safety and education in mind!


    Deliveries & Visitors

    Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we must limit visitors' access to campus, and therefore, we are unable to accept deliveries at this time.  This includes, but is not limited to food deliveries, flowers, balloons, and other celebratory gifts and treats.  With Homecoming approaching, it is important for our families to note that we will not be able to accept any deliveries of mums or garters to campus.  If a student wants to wear a mum or garter to school, they must bring it with them when they arrive to campus.  Thank you for your attention to this matter, and for helping us to ensure the safety of our students and faculty.



    At Markham Elementary, we will communicate and share information with all of our families through ClassDojo, the Markham Elementary web page and Facebook page, as well as through Blackboard. Checking these frequently will help keep you informed!  If you need help, please call the school and we will get you set up!  Our school phone number is (979) 843-4340. 


    Attendance & Truancy

    Attendance matters!  Students are learning throughout the day, so try to make it a priority to have your children here on time and for the full day. Once a child is enrolled into school, school attendance laws apply, even if the student is under the age of 6 (Pre-K and Kindergarten).  Both the child and parent are responsible for unexcused absences. (Yes, even if your child is 16 years old and skips class without you knowing, you are considered responsible!)  After too many unexcused absences, the school is required to notify the parent. A compulsory attendance notification will be sent to the parent if a student has unexcused absences on 10 or more days or parts of days within a six-month period or three days or parts of days during a four-week period.  Attendance will continue to be tracked for virtual learners as well.  Our virtual learners are held to the same expectations as our students who are attending face-to-face.  Online students will need to log in for attendance each day by 9:00am. If your child is absent, please send a written note the day they are able to return to school. Please be aware: three unexcused absences result in truancy and can be punishable by up to a $500.00 fine. 


    Food Services

    Breakfast and lunch are FREE for ALL students, including online students. Snacks are available for purchase. Extras and individual items off the serving counter will not be charged to your child's account; they must have funds available in their account.  No charges will be allowed. Thanks for your cooperation!


    Meal Times

    Doors open at 7:30am.  Breakfast is served from 7:30-7:50am.  PreK, Kinder, & LifeSkills / Functional Academics will eat breakfast in the cafeteria.  1st through 5th grades will eat breakfast in the classrooms.

    Lunch Schedule: PK 10:30, Kindergarten 10:45, 1st 11:05, 2nd 11:15, 3rd 11:45, 4th 12:00, 5th 12:15.


    Lunch & Breakfast for ONLINE Students

    We are serving "To-Go Lunch" for Markham Elementary online students everyday in bus parking lot from 12:45 pm - 1:00 pm. The lunch will be a choice of the Entree item listed on that day along with the sides and there will be a grab and go breakfast added to that each day as well. If they have additional siblings on a different campus those trays will need to be picked up that particular campus. For lunch count, please email Mrs. Iona @ markhamcafeteria@tidehavenisd.com. Thank you!


    Dismissal Time Update

    Starting this year, Pre-K through 5th Grades will all dismiss at 3:30PM.


    Car-Loading/Pick-Up Procedures for ALL Parents & Visitors

    Please call before 2:30pm for changes to parent pick-up or bus transportation. If you're in the car loading line, you must have the car tags with your child(ren)'s names. These tags need to be visible to our staff in the windshield throughout the pickup process.  Parents will not be allowed inside to sign out their child at dismissal. You will need to be in the car line. If you choose to walk to pick up your child, those children will be released after all car riders with our "walkers" group.  Parents without transportation will wait for their children on the sidewalk outside, while maintaining social distancing.  These changes have been put in place for the safety of all our students and staff.  We truly appreciate your cooperation and patience as we work through our new routines.


    Wednesday Folders

    Look in your child's folder every Wednesday for your child's graded papers for face-to-face students.



    Read a "History of Markham" by Marianne Hayes, Joel Hayes, & Stella McElrath.

  • P.O. Box 317 Markham, TX 77456  979-843-4340  Campus Principal: Stacie Murry  smurry@tidehavenisd.com