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    Top 8 Tips for Brightspace and Online Learning Success
    1. Log into Brightspace on the first day of class and access your classes. --- DO THIS NOW, if you haven't already accessed your classes.  You can access Brightspace through the MyWCJC portal.
    2. Find your assignments and coursework under the "Content" tab.
    3. Always look at the "Getting Started" section FIRST.
    4. Read your syllabus and take the Syllabus Acknowledgement Quiz.  This is your course guide and essentially your contract with your professor.
    5. Check out WCJC Student Resources course (located on the "Training and Resources" tab) ... so many resources and videos ... find answers to your questions.
    6. Update your notifications so that you receive text and email reminders when professors send out announcements, you have a test due, etc.
    7. Be sure you are using an external webcam on exams and quizzes --- this is College policy.
    8. Check both your WCJC and Brightspace email daily.
    If you have questions about Brightspace, email disted@wcjc.edu.