• March 19 2022

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    I am Tamara Davant Peterson, Professional School Counselor for Tidehaven High School and Junior High. I was born and raised in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex, so Texas Rangers Baseball and Dallas Cowboys Football are where my loyalty lies ( in the midst of all these Astros and Texans fans).  To make matters worse, I am a Texas Longhorn who raised my kids in a county with very strong ties to Aggieland. My oldest son graduated from WCJC with an Associates Degree and is the owner/operator of RWD Farm and Ranch. My daughter is a graduate of Texas A&M University and is starting her career in education.  My youngest is a Dean's List Student at Sam Houston State University and will graduate with his Ag Business Degree in December of 2023.  I was married in 2022 and found myself, again, in the middle of a family whose Aggie Blood runs deep. Though my house is divided in college and pro teams, one thing is sure.  My children and now my grandchildren in Matagorda County are Tidehaven Tigers and we ALL bleed blue and red.  

    I began my journey in education as an instructional aide at Tidehaven Junior High.  I left Tide for 2 years to teach 8th grade English at Palacios, then found my way back to Tidehaven as a junior high math and science teacher, a coach, and later a high school English teacher.  While teaching, I obtained my Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and in Counseling.  My graduate education put me in the place where I always knew that I would be the most effective in education, in the school that I love, with the kids that I love even more.  I am a School Counselor AT Tidehaven ISD, but more importantly, I am the School Counselor FOR the kids at Tidehaven!
        Tamara Davant Peterson