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Markham Mania

Markham Mania was a fun day for everyone at Markham Elementary!!  Students earned “Markham Money” for a variety of positive things such as good grades, good behavior, etc.  They were then able to use their “money” for all of the fun things that were available for them that day.



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Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Markham and Runners Up!!

On February 13th, Mr. and Ms. Markham were crowned and the runners up were recognized.  All the contestants did a great job and raised $3,986.00!! All proceeds will go back to  the students and staff at Markham Elementary!!  Way to go boys and girls!!!              . . . read more

"Cookin' Up Good Things!!"

  The Tiger Café is a great place for  students and staff to get a delicious breakfast, a fantastic lunch and service with a smile!  Students and staff have enjoyed the variety that the menu and snack bar have to offer.  A huge thank you to our Café staff  for their hard work !!!!   read more

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