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Construction Update

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Blessing Elementary:

  1. Concrete Masonry Units (concrete block) is now being laid both inside the school as well as the southeastern corner of the kitchen area.
  2. Windows have been installed all along the southern wall.  This is to protect from incoming rains from the south.  Windows will be installed in the rest of the exterior very shortly.
  3. Interior stud walls have been installed in Area C, the academic/library wing of the building.
  4. Interior plumbing, electrical and HVAC continue to be installed.
  5. Exterior water resistant barrier (the black material) is being installed on all the exterior yellow colored Densglass material.
  6. Lime stabilization slurry has been placed and mixed in with the common fill for the roadways.  Lime stabilization will help greatly in keeping the ground under the roads and parking lots from moving as much during drought and/or heavy rains.
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  1. Roofing continues to be finished and finalized.
  2. Interior doorways and window frame units have arrived and are soon to be installed.
  3. The majority of driveway and parking areas have been poured and all have passed the tests.
  4. Interior framing for steel studs progressing daily.
  5. Interior electrical, plumbing and HVAC are being installed.
  6. Interior fire suppression system is being installed.
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