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Please make sure you have an updated Internet browser when checking your child's grades.

The Tidehaven Independent School District is pleased to make available the txConnect parental portal, available in English and Spanish, that gives parents and guardians "read-only" Web access to their child's grades and attendance directly from the teacher's gradebook.  Teachers have been asked to maintain accurate and current electronic gradebooks to help parents track their child's progress at any time.

txConnect has some very interesting features that can help parents keep on top of their child's grades, attendance and school activities.  Not only can a parent access their child's information via the Web from home, work, or any place they have an Internet connection, they can also subscribe to email "Alerts" that can be sent directly to an email address each time one of your children receives a low grade on an assignment or his/her average falls below a level you have set.  Notification "Alerts" can also be sent to you for unexcused absences or tardies.  Absences will update five times daily and grades/assignments will automatically update each night.  Another great feature is the message board.  The District and each campus will post weekly messages to keep you abreast of school-related activities.


txConnect's registration process is self-administered, which means the parent chooses his/her user name and password.  If a parent forgets or loses his/her password, or wishes to change it, he/she will go through an automated process to reset his/her password. Therefore, please write your username and password down and put it in a safe place.

To create a username and password in the parent portal a parent/guardian must register through the TISD txConnectwebsite as a New User.  During the registration process you will be asked for your child(ren)'s portal ID.  You must have your child's portal ID to set up your parent account.  Call or come by the campus office to pick these up.  Multiple students can be added to your account; therefore, only one account needs to be set up for your entire family.  However, if more than one guardian wants to take advantage of the email alert feature in the program, each guardian may set up a separate user account.  To begin your self-registration click here .

Parent Training Guide
is available for download.



If you have any problems setting up your account or with using the parent portal, please email one of the following:

Blessing Elementary - Patti Moerbe @ pmoerbe@tidehavenisd.com
Markham Elementary - Terry Jackson @ tjackson@tidehavenisd.com
Tidehaven Intermediate - Janet Richardson @jrichardson@tidehavenisd.com
Tidehaven High School - Linda Griffith @ lgriffith@tidehavenisd.com