School Meals

Tidehaven ISD will implement new meal choices for the cafeteria.  Students will now have the opportunity to purchase a la carte food items as well as adding a variety of new meal choices in the regular school lunch menu.  A list of a la carte items and prices along with the new meal choices will be sent home soon.



School Nutrition laws have changed.  For more information go to the FOR PARENTS section at
to learn more about the new laws concerning portion sizes and the new rules on snacks, etc.      

Listen to the Lunch Room Lady on Hometown Radio KIOX-96.1 in the mornings from 6:45 to 7:00 to hear your school's lunch menu.

September 2016

High School Lunch

Jr. High Lunch

Blessing Lunch

Markham Lunch

High School/Jr. High Breakfast

Blessing Breakfast

Markham Breakfast